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Top management

Director : Dr. Sunil Kr. Tripathi (M.Sc. M.B.A. Ph.D)

A visionary is he who has strong original ideas about how things might be different in the future and might be improved. Such a visionary is Dr. Sunil Tripathi in education Industry that led the foundation of S.B.Jeducate... Dr. Tripathi, a famous career consultant with vast experience in education Industry establishes S.B.Jeducate.. under whose flag competitive students of different streams can shape and make their career. He is always inspired to use innovative ideas, technology and latest updated study material. Being a Management graduate, he manages S.B.J.educate... so easily because Dr. Tripathi believes in co-operation and provides full authority for a particular job to his colleagues and sub-ordinates.

Ms. Farah Bakht (P.R.O.) & Bakht Family

“You can have unbelievable intelligence. You can have connections. You can have opportunities fall out of the sky. But in the end, hard work is the true enduring characteristics of successful people.” This is what Ms Farah Bakht believes in. She is amiable, sensible, and co-operative. She has been among the elite citizens of Allahabad. Her belief in simple living and high thinking reflects in her personality. She has been a promoter for S.B.Jeducate... She has been providing her services as P.R.O. for the last five years.

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Mr. Suchit Sharma (Senior Vice-President)

A person with no alternative. A teacher with no prejudice. A personality with equivalence and command on both English Grammar and Word Power. Mr. Suchit Sharma has been providing his services for the last twenty years in which he has devoted last ten years to the students preparing for competitive examinations. English Grammar which has been like a red rag to a bull for the students seems to be easy and smooth going with Mr. Sharma and Word Power which they have never imagined that it can also be read instead of rote-learning, can be so interesting to learn. That's the genius of Mr. Sharma. The punctuality and dedication towards teaching students is undoubtedly unique with Mr. Sharma. He is a co-founder of S.B.Jeducate... & is also H.O.D. of Operations Department, Chief of Research Wing for study material unit test, speed test ect.

Mr. Ram Vinay Yadav (Member : Management council)

One of the four pillars of the vision of Mr. Sunil Tripathi, one of the most supportive, cooperative, calm and composed personalities, and one of the most genial far-sighted and perspicacious men, Mr. Vinay always remains behind the curtain but his role in strengthening S.B.J.educate... has been remarkable throughout these years.

Mr. Mukesh Sharma (Member : Management council)

With towering personality, enormously humble attitude and epitome of dedication and devotion Mr. Mukesh, one of the four pillars of the vision of Mr. Sunil Tripathi, has a huge role to help S.B.J.educate... to reach its pinnacle.

Mr. Rajeev Tiwari (Member : Management council)

A unique confluence of personality, knowledge and exposure is what makes Mr. Rajeev Tiwari a remarkable and indispensable pillar of SBJEDUCATE He is phlegmatic, enthusiastic and propitious.

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