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Guest faculty

Dr. Sunit Singh (Professor Allahabad University)

A unique confluence of simplicity and knowledge constitutes Dr. Sunit Singh. He is calm, cool and an epitome of high values. More than thirty research papers which are published in National and International Journals are to his credit. He is the author of five books. Many research scholars have completed their Ph.D under his sound supervision. Dr. Singh has been the person who guides whole management and teachers of S.B.J. educate..... Under his concept of co-operative management, we are intended and entrusted to provide our services to society as a whole.

Mr. Ravi Raj Singh (Motivational Guru)

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we have a win-win situation but on some other occasions we are deep down in our hearts and lose hope and feel disappointed and depressed, then we need motivation Even Lord Hanumana was motivated. It was the first motivational speech ever given. Just as Hanumana had Jamvant so here at S.B.J. educate... students have the privilege of Mr. Ravi Raj Singh whose motivational cogence turns even a loser into a winner.

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