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Our Faculty

Dr. Sunil Kr. Tripathi (M.Sc. M.B.A. Ph.D. P) : HOD (Maths)

Action speaks louder than words. No word can describe a person like Dr. Tripathi. With immense energy, experience and enthusiasm, and command over mathematics. Dr. Tripathi has been providing his services for the last twelve years. He has been associated with India's leading education institutes viz. Career Forum, I.M.S., Mahendra's, Career Launcher etc. He has a master degree in management and is also a famous career consultant, senior researcher and Ph.D.@p in Supply Chain Management. His simple and unique methodology of teaching helps students easily grasp the complex concepts with ease and solve the trickiest and most typical problems in twinkling of an eye. Being a technocrat Dr. Tripathi always uses technology to enhance quality of education so that perfection can be achieved, and more and more students can occupy themselves in green selections zone to shape and make their career. That's why he started S.B.Jeducate.. in order to pave the path for his students to reach their pinnacle.

Mr. Suchit Sharma (HOD of English) English Language Expert Speciality in Etymology)

A person with no alternative. A teacher with no prejudice. A personality with equivalence and command on both English Grammar and Word Power. Mr. Suchit Sharma has been providing his services for the last twenty years in which he has devoted last ten years to the students preparing for competitive examinations. English Grammar which has been like a red rag to a bull for the students seems to be easy and smooth going with Mr. Sharma and Word Power which they have never imagined that it can also be read instead of rote-learning, can be so interesting to learn. That's the genius of Mr. Sharma. The punctuality and dedication towards teaching students is undoubtedly unique with Mr. Sharma. He is a co-founder of S.B.Jeducate... & is also H.O.D. of Operations Department, Chief of Research Wing for study material unit test, speed test ect.

Mr. Vikas Singh (HOD of Reasoning)

Humility adores a genius. If one wants to see how humility does this, one should see Mr. Vikas with tons of knowledge of reasoning and little arrogance, with plenty of experience and little pretentiousness, he has been the icon of S.B.J.educate… and providing his services for the last five years. Those who have any doubts about reasoning lose them just after one minute's conversation with him and go away with so clear an idea that they eventually come out with flying colours. Mr. Vikas is a co-founder member of S.B.Jeducate... and H.O.D. of faculty. He had been working with International Human Rights Association as a Media Chief in Delhi for the last three years and has been still an integral part of IHRA for U.P. Human Rights.

Dr. A.K. Singh (Sci-Tech) H.O.D. of G.S.

Dr. Singh is a veteran teacher. He has been guiding students for the last twenty years and it is his dynamic personality and unbelievably interesting way of imparting knowledge that has always been the centre of attraction for all.

Mr. Malik Sir (History)

''History Subject बड़ा बेवफा, रात को पढ़ो और सुबेरे सफा, ऐसा इसलिए क्योंकि उन्होंने अभीतक मलिक सर का स्वाद नहीं चखा’’ This is the punch line that Mr. Malik always shares. The way he teaches history, characters and events become alive. Such is his charm of teaching.


A unique confluence of personality, knowledge and exposure is what makes Mr. Mohit Jaiswal a remarkable and indispensable pillar of SBJeducate. He is phlegmatic, enthusiastic and propitious. His command over geography at so young an age can trounce many of his contemporaries. He has been providing his services for the last five years.

VINOD SIR (Economy)

Economy has always been an intricate subject to deal with, but with Mr. Vinod it becomes so perspicuous that even a tyro can understand even the most difficult concepts very easily. Such is the class of Mr. Vinod.


Polity has always been a very much interesting subject to deal with, fortunately Mr. Kuldeep Srivastava is polity teacher over here at S.B.Jeducate he has a practical knowledge about fundamental Laws & Constitution.

Vinod Mitra (American Spoken English)

English is a lingua franca today. It has been like a red rag to a bull to those who belong to non-speaking world, but the fascination of English is so much that almost everyone wants to speak English and here comes the significant role of Mr. Mitra. He has been training students to speak English not only fluently but also convincingly with correct accent, stress and syllable as they have ever imagined. He is himself a voluble and cogent speaker. It is his class and experience that many of his students are now at top posts in corporate sectors as well as in N.D.A./C.D.S. etc. where spoken English is a must.


He is H.O.D. of Problem Solving Section. He is sharp, smart and sensible. He is always punctual and punctilious. He is the back bone in preparing materials and a stringent back up for Dr. Tripathi for solving students' mathematical problems.

SHUBHAM SINGH (Faculty @Math’s @@PSS )

He is assisting Dr. Sunil Triphathi in teaching Maths and also test-solutions, problem solving is vested via Dr Tripathi’s side in the form of PSS. He is sharp, smart and sensible. He is always punctual and punctilious. He is the back bone in preparing materials and a stringent back up for Dr. Tripathi for solving students' mathematical problems.

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